Solar Thermal Systems

Solar Thermal Systems

Taqaton offers solar thermal systems through assisting public and private sectors in designing, supplying and installing variety of applications which require hot water demand. Our team has the required technical expertise in project management to bring projects to a successful conclusion. Our solar thermal systems is an ideal heating solutions for all hot water use for residential, industrial, commercial and other applications.

Different types:

  • Flat plate collectors
  • Vacuum tubes collectors 


  • Residential hot water demand
  • Provide hot water for hotels and resorts
  • Provide hot water for laboratories, schools and universities
  • Provide hot water for restraints, shopping centers and malls


  • Free hot water from solar energy
  • Long lifetime comparing to traditional heaters
  • Very safe and easy to use
  • No pollution
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Feasible and reasonable according to life cycle cost.